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She was built in 1965 By Herbert Lomas Ltd, ambulance specialists based in Cheshire in the UK. For the first year or two she was used as a demonstrator vehicle by Lomas themselves before being formally registered in Chester in 1967, VTU104E. She then saw service as a civilian ambulance in Minehead to work in the Exmoor area. (and Somerset County Council). We believe she would have been painted a blue colour at the time as this was the colour of Somerset CC.
She was later moved to Highbridge Ambulance station where she was repainted cream. She left her service at Highbridge and went into the Red Cross, where she stayed working until we think in the 1990's when a private individual acquired her.

In the early 2000's she changed hands in Yorkshire where Paul Lund completed a full 'nuts and bolts' rebuild of her, a massive project and one which see's her through to today and the condition she is in. Restored and rebuilt she attended a number of events and shows around early 2000's, and was used by Paul to collect for the air ambulance charity. It was at this time she became a TV star, featuring in a number of episodes of 'Heartbeat' and 'The Royal'. As a result she was branded with the 'Yorkshire Riding' Livery which she still keeps to this day.

Around 2007/8 Paul then sold the ambulance to a collector in Norway. This was unfortunately a sad time for her, and is fairly well documented around 2010 in Land Rover circles. The Collector was unable to maintain his collection of remarkable vehicles and many were left in a storage unit to deteriorate. The ambulance, with a number of other rare and old vehicles were left outside the unit in a compound where the elements and vandals did their worst. There are clips on You tube for those interested. All the interior fittings, lights and bells were stolen, and the windows and body smashed or damaged.

After the Norwegian Government stepped in, the vehicles were sold and a collection of some of them were sold to a company in the Midlands who imported the vehicles back into the UK. Annie was sold to a private individual who started the process of renovation, then passing through the hands of John Brown's 4x4 in Yorkshire we acquired her in October 2015.

Now the process has begun to continue the restoration, and to convert her to enable her to be used as a camper with a custom fitted wood interior.

Not only that, the interior is made to be fully removable and we have sourced ambulance equipment to allow her to be fitted out as a period ambulance for display, shows and any film or TV work, who knows…..